Point-of-Care Dispensing Services for Dermatologists

Convenient for Your Patient | Easy for Your Staff | Profitable for You

UniteRx understands the unique needs of a busy medical practice and how important it is to ensure patients receive what you have prescribed.

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UniteRx generates value for your practice by:

  • Improving Patient Convenience

    Improving Patient Convenience

    Our fast and convenient point-of-care dispensary saves time and eliminates a trip to a retail pharmacy for your patients.

  • Driving Therapy Adherence

    Driving Therapy Adherence

    Patient compliance with filling prescriptions jumps to nearly 100% with point-of-care dispensing, versus only 60% with a traditional pharmacy.

  • Creating New Revenue

    Creating New Revenue

    Keep the revenue from the many prescriptions you write daily within your practice.

  • Minimizing Pharmacy Calls

    Minimizing Pharmacy Calls

    On average, medical practices spend $30,000 annually on pharmacy calls and faxes.  Point-of-care dispensing reduces these calls, saving your practice time and money.

Add value for your patients.

UniteRx empowers physicians to provide their patients with FDA approved medications right in their office just like a pharmacy. With our comprehensive solution and support, your point-of-care dispensary can be up and running in as little as 90 days.

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"UniteRx has been a great addition to my practice. We have reduced time spent on prior authorizations by 80%; improved patient compliance; increased patient satisfaction; and generated new revenue. The UniteRx team has been a great help, and I am a huge fan of the people and the product."

- UniteRx Dermatologist, MN

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