Physician Dispensing Services


The UniteRx software solution enables you to operate your in-office dispensary, similar to a retail pharmacy. This powerful Windows based program is easy to learn and user friendly. With the UniteRx solution, you can:

  • Quickly process a prescription in a few minutes
  • Easily track inventory levels
  • Monitor refills: our system alerts you when your patients refills are due 
  • Receive weekly updates for new drugs, pricing and safety information
  • Connect to your E-prescribing software
  • Receive tech support by calling our tech team toll-free

U-analytics™ Insurance Platform

  • Build your customized formulary with the drugs you prescribe
  • Demonstrate which drugs and drug categories are most profitable
  • Get manufacturer Brand drug discounts -- through UniteRx
  • Receive generic drug contract pricing
  • Take advantage of insurance / 3rd party diagnostics
  • Access internal physician-by-physician diagnostics

UniteRx Medication Payment Options

  • Multiple payment term options available
  • Daily or weekly deliveries
  • Brand or generics options – the same FDA approved products patients receive from the local pharmacy
  • No "minimum or maximum" to purchase
  • Initial order incentives possible for your practice

Getting Started is Quick and Easy

  1. Contract for services
  2. Choose a complete in-office dispensary or Cash-and-Carry program
  3. Complete our getting started packet
  4. Link any E-prescribing software to your in-office dispensary
  5. Install software
  6. “Go Live” and begin filling prescriptions in about 90 days